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MINDBODY and Infusionsoft Integration: Number of Separate Sync Profiles needed?

Did you know that the number of separate Sync Profiles is equivalent to the number of unique MINDBODY (MBO) Studio IDs you have in terms of integration?

Let's take a look at the way it works.

MINDBODY is the leading online platform for services such as in health & wellness, while Infusionsoft is one of those CRMs that is often being patronized by small businesses wanting to grow into monster sales machines. With SyncApps, you can get to this monster sales machine by seamlessly integrating these two software applications that can enable you to streamline the data flow processes to keep your business running fast.

Start building your monster sales machine today!

And if your business happens to have multiple locations utilizing separate Studio IDs from MINDBODY that you would want to sync to Infusionsoft, then you will just need to create separate Sync Profiles for each Studio ID.

So for instance, since you will be on our real-time Enterprise plan integration with, let’s say 40 MINDBODY locations, you will need to setup 40 Sync Profiles for them setup in the exact same way. Should take 5 minutes to setup each integration for each separate MINDBODY Studio ID.

Let's talk money for value.

The fee for MBO is $5/MBO ID/Location + our $99/month Enterprise fee which should save your business 2 hours per month per location.

Here is a video on how many days per year that saves any size business.

Feel free to drop our product team support a note here.. if you hit any snags during the setting up process.

Sync Specific NetSuite Transaction Saved Searches To MailChimp Groups, Constant Contact Lists and others.

Want to use NetSuite Transactional Saved Searches to Mailchimp Groups or Constant Contact Lists so that you can target customers who have purchased before, based on price point, varietal of product, region etc?

It's easy to do in SyncApps.

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Own your Marketing Automation integration to NetSuite today.

Get started here...

*Small print 

Only 1 NetSuite Saved Search will be synced in any Free Trial.

Using NetSuite Saved Searches for Customer, Contact or Transaction from NetSuite will expose fields in Field Mapping step for each. More than one Saved Search can be specified. Supported NetSuite Saved Search record types are Contact, Customer, Transaction.

Each NetSuite Saved Search will be synced to a MailChimp Group within the specified Master List.

Each NetSuite Saved Search will be synced to a Constant Contact List.


NetSuite Saved Search best practices & options for integration


I've noticed over the past few weeks that our syncs seem to be taking a really long time for a small amount of data.

Like 15-20 minutes for each sync when only one or two records have changed.  Is there something going on here beyond regular NetSuite slowness?  


It seems the NetSuite Saved Search last modified criteria addition does not work or the customers are constantly updated so always 229 records retrieved from NetSuite.

Could you please send us the screenshot of the criteria used in saved search?


The saved search criteria are below.  Thoughts? 


Last modified date criteria addition does not work for "Use Expressions" with OR logic. It will produce an incorrect saved search result.

Please put one more outermost parenthesis:
( Inactive = false AND .. AND .. ) OR Name/ID = ... OR Name/ID = ...
(( Inactive = false AND .. AND .. ) OR Name/ID = ... OR Name/ID = ...)
We have updated SyncApps tooltip and docs with the following rule:
If Saved Search criteria "Use Expressions" is checked then criteria MUST be wrapped with parenthesis "(" and  ")" because SyncApps will need to add 1 more last modified criteria. If wrapper parenthesis is not added then saved search could produce incorrect result especially if criteria contains OR logic.
*Please note Summary Saved Searches are not supported in NetSuite API so please do not use these types.

Please note that there are 3 options to choose from to determine which records from NetSuite sync to Handshake:

  • Sync All Customers

    All Customers will be synced to Handshake.

  • Sync Specific NetSuite Subscriptions

    All Customers subscribed to the selected subscriptions will be synced to Handshake.

  • Sync Specific NetSuite Saved Searches

    Only records returned by the specified Saved Searches will be synced. 

    If Saved Search criteria "Use Expressions" is checked then the criteria MUST be wrapped with an outermost parenthesis "(" and ")" because SyncApps will need to add one more last modified criteria. If wrapper parenthesis is not added then saved search could produce incorrect result especially if criteria contains OR logic.

    For example: Name = "A" OR Name = "B" must be changed to ( Name = "A" OR Name = "B")

    If you get any permissions Error on Sync Profile or NetSuite Saved Search with the internal ID x does not exist, please go to the following URL to review NetSuite User/Role permissions solution:


Xero is online accounting software for your small business, connected to your Apps!


Don't spend hours every month creating invoices from CRM opportunities in Xero or importing contact data into your Email Marketing platform. Get connected.


Data integration for QuickBooks Online is hard. Let SyncApps do it!

Synchronize your MINDBODY Online or Constant Contact to QuickBooks. Once available to only Fortune 1000 companies, Cazoomi introduces a way for your business applications to talk to each other for less than the price of a Netflix subscription.

Data integration is hard.  Let SyncApps do it!

Streamline your CPQ with Zoho CRM to QuoteWerks
The integrated solution for QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM, as seen on QuoteWerks, is out!
Many thanks to the folks at QuoteWerks who worked with Cazoomi's top Zoho team lead these past few years on this awesome solution.
Now you'll be able to track your clients and business easily on QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM by using SyncApps which even works for Access or SQL Server. 

Zoho for QuoteWerks Integration features:

  • Sync customer and contacts in Zoho CRM to QuoteWerks
  • Drive your QuoteWerks estimates from Zoho customer lists
  • Sync Quotes from QuoteWerks to Zoho CRM
  • Supports QuoteWerks for Access and SQL Server versions
Sync Revenue Data From NetSuite to HubSpot

Looking for an integration that lets you pass or sync revenue data from NetSuite to HubSpot?  Such revenue data comes from the financial system of NetSuite.  Look no further!  Definitely, it is SyncApps’ NetSuite to HubSpot integration.

A subscriber just recently raised this certain idea whether SyncApps supports such an integration scenario to sync revenue data specifically from NetSuite to HubSpot.

Specific fields needed to map include:

1. Date of first invoice issued
2. Date of latest invoice
3. Amount of latest invoice
4. Total invoice amount for each company (Total Revenue)
5. Number of invoices for each company

And sure, SyncApps can meet this requirement!

Instead of mapping fields from multiple objects like the Customer, Contact, or an Invoice record, a best practice using SyncApps is just to use a NetSuite Transaction Saved Search.

To elaborate, use a Transaction Saved Search to drive records from NetSuite into HubSpot is simple OR you can also create those 5 fields on the Customer record in NetSuite and map them in SyncApps to be populated into HubSpot as well. Just an issue with that is they would always be updating NetSuite to HubSpot, if this is ok then you can do this method.

Take a NetSuite for HubSpot test drive today!

If you hit any snags, give our experts a shout-out

How can I get a copy of my Invoice?

SyncApps just keeps getting better. Invoice download is finally here! This year we launched a few key updates to SyncApps! Here's the new invoice area : 

save image 

Newly rolled out "Invoices Resend" on My Account in your SyncApps.

Until this year, the only way to get all your invoices was to check your email.  This was pretty helpful for getting invoices but if you missed one then what?

We have rolled out "Invoices Resend" on My Account so please head to your SyncApps dashboard, press "My Account" to get your last 10 invoices anytime you need them.

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